Castellari: love for quality and respect for tradition.


Established by Gianni Castellari in Milan in 1952 and then taken over in 1989 by Mauro and Franco Portone, Castellari Diffusion has become a reference point for customers who are looking for a totally Made in Italy product that combines Italian style and taste with a very good quality/price ratio. Exported all over the world (above all in Japan and Far East), Castellari handbags are the result of a handcraft meticulous work and a stylistic research always on the cutting-edge. Castellari’s collections are so wide that you will surely find the bag of your dreams.


Since the early Fifties, Castellari has put all its efforts in creating leather handbags, suitcases and ladies bags that are not only accessories, but real works of art that bear the Italian taste for fashion together with the attention to the detail and manufacturing. Over the years trends and tendencies have changed, but the spirit of the company has remained the same: using the best quality in materials and handcraft to obtain a product that satisfies and surprises the customer. Always.


All our products (bags, belts, gloves, leather accessories and small leather goods) are completely realized and manufactured in Italy. In 2008 Castellari Diffusion srl. obtained the certification from the Institute for Italian Manufacturers Protection and the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development, Certificate nr. 282.048.A. Every bag bears a special tag (stitched inside the pocket) with a number, a hologram and Castellari name, that certifies that the product is unique and prevents from copies and falsification.